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May 28 - June 3, 2020
It is with heavy hearts that due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision not to run our retreat in May.Our plan is to select a new date once things have settled and the threat is over, though we can't yet predict when that will be. For now, please stay safe and if you'd like to stay informed, please sign up for our mailing list.
-The Rewilding The Feminine Team

Imagine this:


You’re at the edge of  a stunning Greek Gulf, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the beautiful Ionian Sea.

You wake up each morning as a soft Mediterranean breeze blows through your window, the sun is warming your face, you feel fully embodied and alive, the day ahead is all yours. 

Your wild feminine sisterhood surrounds you.

You are being called home to your body.

You are coming home to yourself.

To your power. Your pleasure. Your freedom.


This retreat is a call to the womxn whose wild heart is beckoning them to come home, to transform the wounds that live in their body to create more space to expand into pleasure and freedom.


It’s an invitation to the womxn who can feel the deep well of wisdom in their body but feels unsure of how to reclaim and access it


Join us in sacred sisterhood for a 7 day journey of  remembering, reclamation, devotion to self and integration.


Is your body calling you to go deeper? 

Rewilding The Feminine is a six-day experiential & immersive retreat for womxn held at a gorgeous villa on the shores of the Ionian Sea.


Led by trauma informed Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, Kat Nantz, you will be guided on a journey of exploration and self discovery, awakening your wild erotic energy and self while being deeply cared for and nourished.


What are you holding in your body that you’re ready to heal?

What if you could step fully into your wild feminine? 

During this retreat, you will live in sacred sisterhood with other womxn, you will be honoured, nurtured and cared for so that you may sink deeply into the work

Delicious meals featuring fresh, locally-sourced, and nourishing food will be prepared for you daily by our on-site chef.

Our mornings will begin with embodied exercises including movement, breath work, and reflection before gathering together for each day's workshop.

Each day will include your own personal free-flow time where you will have the opportunity to lead with your curiosity & integrate the work, sink into your body, or gather with your new sisters. Whatever is calling you.

Go for a swim in the infinity pool, take a walk on the shores of the Ionian Sea, read a book or journal at one of the many relaxing lounge areas on the villa grounds.

Two planned optional excursions will take place over the course of our adventure together, giving you the opportunity to explore the iconic beauty of Greece.

The transformational workshops taking place over the six-day retreat will support you in deepening your relationship to yourself through rebuilding trust with your body.



This space is about honouring the story that your body is telling.

A restoration of your wholeness.

It’s a remembering of who you truly are.


The retreat will give you an opportunity to unlearn the inherited beliefs that you hold in your body that keep you disembodied, disconnected and feeling shame. 

Awaken the pleasure and freedom of your wild heart. 

This retreat is about healing and transforming pain and trauma through powerful embodied exercises and storytelling, it’s about coming home to the ancient wisdom that lives in your body and expanding into the ecstatic pleasure that is your inherent birthright


This is a reclamation of your wildness, your aliveness and your erotic self. 


You will be fully immersed in a circle of sacred sisterhood and the wild feminine. 

I invite you to join us and experience the freedom that becomes possible when we unlock the language of our bodies. 

Expansive pleasure, personal power, and an intention-filled life is within your reach.

You will be guided and supported through this process in every way.

You can expect lots of communication to prepare you for our retreat and the transformation in store as well as deep loving aftercare to support you in safely landing in your body when you return home.


Upon arrival you will be greeted warmly and given a tour of our villa as well as welcome package that includes an itinerary, details about the workshops, details about excursions and menus detailing the delicious food we will enjoy together.


You can expect flowers in your room and a welcoming swag box full of sensual, self-care gifts that you will take home with you.


During the course of our time together, powerful space-holding will take place.

As you delve into the sacred rediscovery of your wild feminine, you will be supported unconditionally by Kat and her assistants.

Kat and her team are in service to you.












Say yes to radically 


say yes to pleasure,

say yes to freedom.





All  nourishing meals and snacks prepared by a private chef, with locally-sourced ingredients. 

Transformational Workshops

Each day will include workshops  focusing on somatic healing, core awareness, boundary work, awakening the wild feminine, communication, bioenergetic breath work, storytelling, embodiment, expansive pleasure practices, and movement​.

Remember, Reclaim, ReWild.



Luxurious shared accommodation at a stunning Greek villa with transportation to and from the airport



Two optional group excursions to explore local Greek culture.



Relax in the pool with a stunning view of the ocean, swim in the ocean, enjoy a massage, or downtime on the villa grounds. 

Coaching Service

One private 25-minute Zoom call with Kat prior to the retreat, a group video chat with all participants before retreat, and a remote coaching session after the retreat, and a commitment to care.



Our Home For The Week



  • You’re ready to answer the call of your wild heart

  • You feel stuck or locked out of pleasure

  • You want to live a bigger bolder life

  • Your body wants more play and joy

  • You desire to lead your life with curiosity

  • You’re willing to lean into the discomfort of vulnerability

  • You feel called to transform and heal old wounds & stories

  • You’re ready to overhaul the beliefs that are no longer serving you

  • You want to experience ecstatic embodied pleasure & orgasms

  • You want to powerfully create your life and relationships on your terms

  • You’re longing for the ancient and forgotten power found in sacred sisterhood

  • You want to call your body home


The impact of this course on your life is enormous. Life is so short and the days can, if you let them race by, one after the other. People have a tenancy to live life on the margins, printing lightly, afraid to scrip in bold ink the life they want. Do people even know the life they want, know the limiting beliefs that hold them perpetually at the starting gate? Kat’s course helps participants identity what it is they truly desire in life. The course is so much more than sex, it is an invitation to dive within yourself, to fall back in love with yourself! I was stuck in a cycle with my husband, where the sex was mediocre, and I believed it could only ever be mediocre, because that was our sexual chemistry. The course has completed dismantled that belief! I say confidently that my husband and I are having some of the best sex we have ever had together. What is so empowering about Kat’s course is the path to feeling better, to having better sex, to healing old wounds, to living life intentionally is all available in us. Kat’s course gives you tangible tools to use daily that help you show more authentically in your relationships. Kat masterfully helped me identify what I want, and then how to ask and create a life full of that!

- Tessa.L


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