With every cell of my body I know that you are your own greatest healer.

You are the authority on your life.


As a Somatic Sex Coach, I am deeply committed to bringing you home to your body and your capacity to heal, transform & experience deeper ground- shaking pleasure


I teach womxn like yourself to advocate for your own pleasure and to build resilience, I guide womxn to deepen their relationship to personal power through developing emotional, sexual and embodied intelligence.


This is the call of my wild heart.


Bringing people home to pleasure and home to their core power is my purpose.

It’s a life mission that I feel in my bones.

it’s time that we reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Our bodies, our pleasure, our healing, our language.


I spent a big chunk of my childhood in and out of the hospital.

Having had 17 major surgeries as a child, I have a very intimate relationship with the medical system.

After spending years being led out of my body, feeling objectified, feeling that I always needed to be fixed, at 16 I came home to myself and found my empowered embodied no.


I had a powerful realization that my greatest healing would occur when I landed in my body and listened.


That meant I had to do a deep dive into parts of myself that terrified me.

I could feel my heart calling me home. 

I could feel my body saying “no more. You are whole. You can heal this. You are not a project. You do not need fixing.”


My greatest moment of becoming was when I chose to trust my body, trust that it can heal it self, trust that it carries wisdom, and trust it’s capacity to experience pleasure.


The more bravery and courage I had to go into my body and heal, transform, uproot old wounds and trauma, the more access to pleasure I had.

This became a life long pursuit of unraveling, peeling back layers of who I thought I was so that I could truly meet myself at my edges.


What I learned was that the body does not lie.


It is always a beacon back to the truth.

It is the lighthouse guiding you home.

When we honour the story our body tells, it will lead us to pleasure and freedom.


I started leading my life with curiosity, with pleasure, with my wild  core wisdom.

This led me to find sacred healing through pleasure, to me standing powerfully for my boundaries, to exploring my most erotic edges, to creating relationships that are in alignment with my needs and desires.



What is the call of your wild heart?

What if you lead your life with curiosity?

What if you reclaimed your body and pleasure?

What if your relationships were on your terms,

if you could feel fully alive and aligned within them?


Kate Burgess

I am honoured to join Kat in supporting womxn to gather in sacred sisterhood on their journey to a deeper connection with their pleasure.


Three years ago I completed the Rewilding The Feminine workshop and my life was transformed.

The healing of trauma, the shedding of shame, and embracing my sexual and creative energy opened me up to a whole new way of being, both with myself and in relationships.

I stepped fully into my wild feminine.

My wild heart longed for sacred sisterhood.

I am clear that as womxn, we heal when we are held in community.

When our stories are witnessed and we bear witness to the stories of others.

I believe this is our birthright.

I know this is the source of our power.

You can count on me to be a caretaker.

To trust that I will ensure you will be held in deep, luxurious care with delicious food, decadent accommodations, and soul lifting excursions.

I am committed to creating the space and environment that will allow you to sink into the workshops and sacred sisterhood without the duties of day-to-day life. You can count on my commitment to be joyfully in service to you.


 I am a mother, adventurer, and clarity ninja from Guelph, Ontario.

I first experienced the magic of Kat's work as her friend through countless cups of tea, coffee, phone calls, and later, workshops and coaching, Kat has lovingly guided my path towards unleashing a wildness that was buried so deep within me that I didn't even know it was there. Through any life challenge or decision she would ask me "what is your body telling you?" And I would answer "I have no F***ING idea! My body doesn't tell me things!" I was in a marriage that was not working.

I was locked out of myself.

I was lost, stuck in endless loops of unhealthy thoughts and patterns in my relationship, frustrated, and angry.

Kat's gentle brilliance, encouragement, and (when I was ready) hard questions brought me back to my body.

It turns out that my body does tell me things that are clearly and powerfully true.

It turns out that there is a fierce wildness in me that was ready to burst out but it needed me to allow the possibility of more fun, lightness, and pleasure in my life.

It turns out that being with women in a space of healing and honouring ourselves is an experience that keeps opening door after door after door inward and outward to connection, power, friendship, self-expression, and love. 


I am honoured to be able to support other women on their own paths towards themselves by joining with Kat to call you to this retreat and ask you start to hear what your body is telling you. 

Meet Your Photographer!



Julia Busato

Julia Busato is known for her work promoting body positivity.  She is an internationally published photographer whose focus is on boudoir and artistic nudes. She has been using her camera for the last 12 years to capture the beauty she sees in the world.


When asked why she does what she does she says "I love doing what I

do, using creativity to show women and men the beauty I see in them. Seeing something beautiful in every person and using my camera to express what I see and bringing my vision to life."


She is a proud mother of two children and has instilled in them her belief that there is beauty in everything.  She is thankful for the . opportunities that have come her way to allow her to share her vision and bring beauty and body positivism to others. 

Her reward is seeing the reaction of those she photographs when they realize the beauty

they hold.

You'll catch Julia floating around the retreat capturing all the beautiful moments and memories we create together!

She will also be offering one on one boudoir photo shoots!

Package One

- $450

15 edited images on online file sharing program "Drop Box" for you to print .

$100 deposit via e transfer at time of booking and the rest of the payment is giving the day of the shoot. 

2 outfit change. 



Package Two


25 edited image sent via online  file sharing program "Drop Box" for you to print 

$100 deposit via e transfer  at time of booking and the rest of the payment is giving the day of the shoot. 

3 outfits

You can check out more of Julia's work on Instagram Or Facebook!

Book your photoshoot by emailing Julia directly.

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