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Rewilding The Feminine

Kat’s work shifts things in such a powerful way more than anyone has ever been able to do. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people, and Kat’s work has brought so many perspectives that just shift things.” - Jess

“I think realizing and experiencing that healing was possible for me. That healing trauma and pain from my lineage was a thing I could do. 

…I am able to show up so fully in all areas of my life without feeling like I

need to apologize." - Brittany

As someone who has been through multiple body traumas, your work has made me feel safer than any other person I’ve studied with and even more safe than different types of therapies I’ve tried.

The embodied approach has been really powerful and probably the most transformative work I’ve done in my life…

I literally feel like I’m in my body for the first time.” - Emily

“My biggest take away was that my sexuality is a relationship that starts with myself. That it has nothing to do with anyone else and that has really freed me from expecting other people to make me happy, not just sexually but in all areas.” - Tessa

“Another big transformation that I’ve witnesses is a lot of the energy that I used to take to make myself into someone else who would get the love that I really wanted, I now take that energy toward actually loving myself.” -Nikki

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